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Granted Bucket Wishes

James and his wife Shirley love to talk about the "good old days" when they would go in an old classic car to get ice cream together in St. Anthony Idaho. For this bucket wish we rekindled some old memories by picking up James in this really cool car, and taking him for some much needed ice cream!
Ray is a local volunteer and was so excited to loan out his 1969 Bonneville to a man who truly appreciates classic cars.

Family is about time. Family is about being together and sharing what we love most. Toni was born in beautiful Italy. As I heard her stories over time, I imagined majestic pebble roads and antique homes, both aged to alluring perfection. I imagined family gatherings around the table and everyone being boisterous about the best tiramisu they have ever tried.

All of us here at Avalon Home Health and Hospice wanted to give Toni another encounter like that. So for her Bucket Wish, we gathered family and friends and bought the best Italian ingredients Idaho has to offer. The results were miraculous. The food was surprisingly delicious and the plates came together nice. We especially enjoyed the prosciutto crudo with smoked provolone and Kalamata olives. Toni, fell in love with our gnochial pesto! The greatest part of all of this was seeing her smile. Cheers to our dear friend Toni.

Appropriate permission was obtained to share this story and these pictures.


Lord, I know you won't hold it against me,
'Cause I don't go to church,
You know some things need some doin'
I can't leave the animals in the lurch

Oh I guess I could get up early,
And do the feedin' and such,
But what of the ones needin' help,
I care for those animals very much.

Now I'm not lookin' for special care
'Cause I think I'm doin' right,
'Cause I just have to do the things I do,
And I love you with all of my might.

Yes, I even go fishin' on Sunday
I don't feel I'm leavin' ya in the lurch,
'Cause I fell closer to ya out fishin'
Than I did when I was in church.

'Cause when I'm communin' with nature,
This is more of your wonderful work,
I feel your presence all around me,
And it's not an imagined quirk.

Now when I fork my pony,
And I'm ridin' on the range
I feel you're ridin' with me,
And surely don't feel strange.

The thing I'm really feeling
Is the thing I feel every day,
I know you're with me always,
And you love me in every way.

Now I just don't feel comfortable,
In church with people and their righteous ways,
'Cause I see how a lot of them act
When it's not Sunday, but other days.

Now lord I can't abide people
Who act so righteous just one day,
And then go be so contemptuous.
Why can't they be righteous all the way?

I know that I don't do things,
The way other think I should,
But I've been so many places,
I wouldn't change even if I could.

Some have even tried to scare me,
They say in heaven I'll not reside,
But you know it's not what's on the surface,
But the special way that you feel inside.

John Howell is from Leadore, Idaho. He has served his country in may capacities. He loves his family and his friends. However there is another side to John that a lot of people don't know about. John is a great Cowboy poet. For many years he has participated in the Annual St. Anthony Cowboy Poet Gathering. This is one of the poems that John and his wife would like to share with the Avalon Home Health and Hospice and Bucket Wishes community.

All rights reserved appropriate permission was obtained.